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Veterans Non-Service Disability Pension

Are you aware of the Tax-Free Long-Term Care Pension available for Veterans and their Surviving Spouses?

The Veterans Administration (VA) Non-Service Connected Disability Pension is designed to provide qualified veterans and their surviving spouses with a tax free pension benefit. This pension benefit which was established in 1952 under Title 38USC, provides a direct tax-free monthly pension to help defray the cost of Long-term care in assisted living or home care.

Ashland Financial Resources, is helping veterans and their surviving spouses navigate through the complicated and often exasperating process of applying for and maintaining their pension benefit for Long-term care.

2009 Maximum Benefit Amounts

Married Veteran $1,949 per month $23,388 annually
Single Veteran $1,644 per month $19,728 annually
Surviving Spouse $1,056 per month $12,672 annually

So What does this mean to you, the Veteran or Veteran’s Surviving Spouse?

  • Access of your benefit through this system provides you with access to care. With a pension in hand, you are able to afford the care you need.
  • You have a choice and the power is yours to select the services that you need, as well as the provider that meets those needs.
  • Like Social Security this pension is paid directly to you by the U.S. Treasury Department.

What Are The Qualifications For Aid & Attendance Pension Benefits?

There are four criteria for qualifying for the Aid & Attendance benefit:

1.  Qualifying Military Service (see Surviving Spouse below)

2.  Medical Necessity

3.  Care Cost Compared to Monthly Income

4.  Liquid Assets

All of these qualifications must be met to receive the Aid & Attendance benefit.

Surviving Spouses:

Definition: A surviving spouse is one whose marriage has not been interrupted by divorce or the death of the qualifying veteran and a subsequent remarriage.
Remarriage: If the spouse remarries after the death of the original veteran spouse, he or she is not qualified unless the second spouse is also a veteran and the second spouse also dies.
Rights to Benefits: A spouse had no direct rights to Aid & Attendance benefits in his/her own name while the veteran is alive.


Criteria One: Military Service

This benefit is only available to veterans or their surviving spouses who meet the following criteria:

« An Honorable Discharge from a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces (including Coast Guard)

« At least 90 Days of active duty military service

« At least 1 day of the 90 must have been during one of the following periods:

  • World War I     04/06/1917-11/11/1928
  • World War II   12/07/1941-13/31/1946
  • Korea               06/25/1950-01/31/1955
  • Vietnam           08/05/1964-05/17/1975
  • Lebanon          08/25/1982-TBD
  • Grenada          10/25/1983-12/15/1983
  • Panama           12/20/1989-01/31/1990

« Service in the Merchant Marine during World War II counts the same as Naval Service providing they were 90 days at sea.

« Women in the World War II military, including nurse, qualify as veterans.

« Reserves and National Guard are not qualified unless they served 90 days active Federal duty with 1 day during a period of conflict.  Training does not count as active duty.

« The 90 day rule is excepted for those who served less that 90 days but were awarded the Purple Heart, suffered a service connected disability, or were killed in the line of duty.


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