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Welcome to Ashland Financial Resources

Here at Ashland Financial Resources we are committed to providing estate and financial planning with strategies that preserve and maximize your estate to create a family legacy for you.

Ashland Financial Resources keeps you informed on the latest changes to laws, regulations and economic trends that may affect your financial future.

Each investment product has a place and a specific purpose where it may fit properly into someone’s retirement planning, but without a complete review of your personal situation, risk tolerance, income needs, tax situation, long-term care needs, and estate and charitable desires, no one can or should have an opinion on whether a specific product is right for you.

It is the discovery of your true desires and needs that is the first step you should take, not the choice of investment products that historically many people have made as their first step or concern.  You should always discover your needs and build a plan first, before choosing investment products.

Our simple, no obligation, 3 Step Review is a great way of helping you get a handle on your true needs and desires and whether or not your current strategies match up with your plans for today and your future.

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